OPTI in 2024

Thanks for your interest in the Oshawa Psychotherapy Training Institute.  2024 is going to be an exciting year!  We’ll have an update coming mid-year about our training offerings and programs. We’ve also left our site active with our recent training offerings so you can peruse past programs and find out more information.  Enjoy! Looking forward to training together soon!  Yours in mental health, Oshawa Psychotherapy Training Institute.

About Us

Oshawa Psychotherapy Training Institute offers short courses and workshops to help mental health practitioners incorporate the most recent and relevant research into their practice. Our experienced clinicians help you to stay up to date on skills and knowledge and meet the challenges of a constantly changing professional landscape.


Our mission is to provide quality, up to the minute, research-based education and training specifically tailored to the learning needs of professionals in the health, human services, education, and criminal justice sectors who possess undergraduate degrees.


We recognize that those who see their careers as a calling are personally and professionally motivated to upgrade and broaden their knowledge and skills and to specialize in certain areas in order to be helpful to those they serve. Our intent is to incorporate the latest research into specific areas of practice through the use of well respected, highly accredited and experienced instructors whose insight and expertise inform their teaching styles.

Creating a cross-sectoral community of practice in York and Durham regions is part of our vision.

Core Values

We believe in people’s ability to effect positive change in their lives, and in the capacity of health, human services, education, and criminal justice professionals to assist them in this process.

By incorporating the latest research, innovative teaching approaches, and opportunities for professionals to network, share their own expertise and experiences, and provide support and encouragement to one another across sectors, we can have a positive impact on the quality of services delivered to clients.

Clinical Training

We offer education in the most effective, research-based clinical modalities for complex mental health challenges. These include Dialectical Behavior Training (DBT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness practices, and a range of interventions to assist couples and families.