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Essentials of Couple Therapy

Presented by: Dr. Ken Kwan, Ph.D., CCFT, C.Psych.

The goal of couple therapy is to address the conflicts and distress that arise in this context of an intimate relationship.  This two-day course will provide an overview of couple therapy and its clinical applications using an integrative approach.


Participants will learn: 


  • Current theories and research in couple therapy
  • Clinical applications of couple therapy
  • Adult attachment and relationship development processes in couple relationships
  • Communication process and the interaction cycle
  • Common issues of distress in couple relationships
  • Assessment strategies and tools in couple therapy
  • Core therapeutic strategies in couple therapy

About The Presenter

Dr. Ken Kwan

Dr. Ken Kwan

Ph.D., CCFT, C.Psych. Executive Director Chief Psychologist/Instructor

Dr. Kenneth Kwan, Ph.D., CCFT, C.Psych. is the Founder and Executive Director/Chief Psychologist of Oshawa Psychological & Counselling Services, Woodbine Psychological & Counselling Services, and Oshawa Psychotherapy Training Institute. He is a registered psychologist in clinical and counselling psychology, a registered marriage and family therapist,... Read More

Essentials of Couple Therapy

Presented by: Dr. Ken Kwan, Ph.D., CCFT, C.Psych. Regular $394.37 ($349 + HST) Early Bird * $371.77 ($329 + HST) Group Rate ** $383.07 ($339 + HST) Student Rate *** $276.85 ($245 + HST)
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Couple Therapy June 4 & 5, 2021
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